This logo design was created with the client in mind. The client wanted a logo to represent their  ceramic coating and automotive detailing business. It had to incorporate themes of strength, cleanliness, and be relevant in the industry. I started with a process of ideating and iteration, finding what ideas worked and which ones weren’t as strong.  Then I created a set of logos for T-Coats that fit into the themes presented to me. It was important to the client that the logo not only represented those themes but also had a visual representation of what the company does as well. The final logo used a bold and strong typeface combined with teal and light blue to represent cleanliness, and imagery of buffers and the outline of a high end sports car to remain relevant in the industry and convey a sense of what the company is all about. The client also wanted to see how this logo could be used on items such as business cards, company shirts, as well as a work van, so I presented them with mockups of those items and found a solution that both the client and their audience would respond to. Working closely with the client and making sure their wants and needs for the brand were met in a creative way was very important to this brand. 
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